The Digital Bible #36

Celebrate the Internet - it's 25 years old this month.

It's amazing to think how far we've come in those 25 years. From dial up to mobile broadband to pocketable devices with more computing power than the spaceship that reached the moon. And that doesn't even take into account the spread of learning and knowledge it's allowed. What a wonderful boon to us it has been. Happy Birthday Internet!


Facebook's instant articles has had quite a mixed reception from publishers. Alot of this is down to the inability to compare performance against mobile pages butchanges mean you can now do this.


You may have noticed, or you may not, but Facebook has rolled out a visual update across desktop and apps. The changes are mostly subtle. Apart from changing profile images to circles!


The internet isn't the only thing celebrating a birthday this month. The Hashtag is now 10 years old! And we use 125m of them every day apparently. And it all started with a simple tweet. 


Jon Snow is one of the best news people in this neck of the woods. So when he says Facebook's failure to stop fake news is a threat to democracy, well you should listen


If you needed more proof that Instagram is really pressing on Snapchat just see the newest update. It allows you to reply to a DMd instagram by placing it within a photo response. Interesting stuff.


Facebook Stories. You know those circles at the top of your feed that are never, ever populated? Well now you can share your story publicly. Although I can't quite figure out who would want to do so. 


You could be forgiven for thinking that you should be paying for all your goods with Bitcoin, but the truth is it's a long way off from being a widely accepted payment method with retailers. 


This week's Covetable Itemâ„¢ is more a brand than a thing. Farer watches to be exact. British design, Swiss engineering and a decent pricetag. Lovely timepieces.

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