The Digital Bible #35

AI - A war of word.

You may have missed this earlier in the week but Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have very different views about AI. They're basically arguing over whether AI will eventually lead to the end of human civilisation or not. Their arguments are easy to find with a Google search, but what's really interesting is that the age of AI, something that was once the realm of sci-fi, is nigh upon us. The questions about how much impact it will have, positive and negative, will continue but the fact that we're having these conversations is so very important.


A big week for Whatsapp having just announced that they hit 1 billion daily users! This is just another sign of Facebook's dominance in the world communications mixes. Now they'll monetise it.


Brace yourself. Microsoft have announced they're killing off MS Paint. The internet isn't happy about the decision. So no more crappy computer drawings for you to share with friends and family!


Microsoft aren't the only ones killing something off. Apple have announced the end of the iPod Nano and Shuffle. First introduced in 2005 they've had a good run, but all good things must end.


If Pokemon Go taught us anything it's that AR really can be hugely successful. So this article from Digital Trends on what needs to happen for AR to achieve it's potential is very interesting reading.


Your notifications tab in Twitter is about to get a whole lot busier. Twitter have rolled out new notifications that will tell you what the people you follow are up to, like tweeting about a certain topic for example


Those who would create and spread fake news have often used clever editing, removing context etc., and now they have a new weapon. AI enhanced CGI. Video just got a whole lot less trustworthy.


Instagram influencers have found a way to outsmart the Instagram algorithm. Comment Pods. This is a really greatreveal of the practice and if you use influencers you should really read it.


This week's Covetable Itemâ„¢ is the Tesla Model 3 which rolls off the production line today. 350k people have put in preorders on this baby so it better live up to the hype! But it is a beautiful machine

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