The Digital Bible #34

Set the Juice free!

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s you'll know all about OJ Simspon, aka The Juice. You'll also know all about his legal woes and the fact that he's been in jail for the last 9 years on a robbery beef. But yesterday he was granted parole. But that's not what's interesting. What's interesting is how his slow car chase in LA back in 1994 changed news media and how we consume it forever. The insatiable need for information and content can be traced back to this chase and how the news channels treated it. Like entertainment. And that's also possibly how you end up with Donald Trump in the White House. Check out thisinteresting WaPo piece on it. 


Another week, another Snapchat update. This one is kind of cool though. It includes the abiliity to change the colour of objects in your snaps. which could be lots of fun.Get the low down here


Social messaging has been more popular than social networking for some time now so are Amazon trying to get in on the action? Check out this TechCrunch piece and see why it's not such a mad idea.


Google have launched their new feed. It's a friendless one, meaning it's not influenced by what your friends like and it pulls content from across a spectrum. So is this the way forward for social?


Jerry Daykin is a man who talks a lot of sense. If you work in digital/marketing you should give him a follow. And this piece onorganic reach in social should be your first stop. He really nails it. 


UK Credit Card users will be happy with their Government's plan to scrap the surcharges added to transactions. The EU already has a directive on such things, but this goes a step further. 


Facebook said it got 'positive feedback' about videos with auto play sound. I say they got trolled really badly. Because no one wants it. Much like mid roll ads. Who are these positive feedback people?


Heard of the Dark Net? Know what Tor is? In a nutshell it's the seedy side of internet town. Where all the illegal stuff happens. But in the last week 3 of the biggest marketplaces have been busted.


This week's Covetable Itemâ„¢ is the IKEA and Hay collaboration Ypperlig. Far from their first collaboration, but sure to cause a stir when it hits stores later this year. If you like your furniture uber cool, this is for you.

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