The Digital Bible #33

I feel a blog post coming on!

If you're interested in the online media space in Ireland at all, you'll be aware of the However, you may not have seen the recent judgement against them, and their publisher (Leo Sherlock), in a copyright infringement case. Part of the judgement included a payment, undisclosed, as well as awarding of costs to the plaintiffs. He was also ordered to publish an apology on the site. So this is what he did. There is no doubt in anyones, but perhaps his own, mind that the content on the has been lifted from other sources. So why does he continue to behave in this manner? Because he's being allowed to. And that he can do this, is why so many people don't trust the media. 


Facebook have been testing ads in the Messenger app in Australia and Thailand. Evidently quite successfully because they're rolling them out worldwide now. Expect to see ads very soon.


If you use Facebook Business manager you'll be aware of the Audiences tab. Well Facebook just added 3 new retargeting options to the Engagement section. Great for brands with a big Instagram presence.


Snapchat rolled this out last week, but I didn't send this mail last week, so it's worth noting. You can now link out to websites from your snaps now. This is a great boost for brands and influencers. 


We've all been sharing photos and videos via Whatsapp for a while but now you can share pretty much any file type you want with the latest update. And they're upping file size limits too!


Used to be that every ad in Instagram was vetted. Doesn't appear that way now with a proliferation of ads for fake goods. So will it damage their ad platform? Check outthis post from Digiday.


There has been a lot of talk about influencers recently. Maybe too much talk. And this post from Darragh Doyle to the IIA about their inclusion of an Infliuencer category in their awards is a must read.


You may have heard about a new threat to Net Neutrality. But you probably don't know what that means. It affects American's more than Europeans, but that doesn't mean it doesn't matter. Read up.


This week's Covetable Item™ is theNMD_CS2 Prime Knit shoe from Adidas. Perfect for those warm summer days and stylish too. Only €180 from the site. Nice

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