The Digital Bible #32

Ten years on, has the smartphone changed things?

Well that's a big fat yes. It's funny to look back on the predictions when the iPhone first launched where people questioned the need for such a device and said it wouldn't do well. Here we are in 2017 where just last year over billion devices were shipped. And it's not just that they have changed things, it's how they've changed things. And how our daily lives have become so reliant on them. From making payments to planning holidays, your smartphone is probably the most important tool in your life right now. 


When it comes to stopping online abuse on social, AI is the King of the castle and just this week Instagram have announced their plans for AI integration to help battle the scurge of trolling. 


If you're an iPhone user iOS 11 has just dropped in Beta. That means it's a bit buggy. But you can update if you want. And here is a list of the things that you can now do that might make you want to do it


If you're an influencer I'm sure you'll know the pain that is managing your content. Facebook want to help with that, they're launching an Influencer App to help with live broadcasts and so on. More info here


So how have smartphones changed the world? This piece outlines 10 ways that iPhone changed the world. Because it's fair to say, the iPhone was the one that kicked this whole thing off.


For most of us, when we need to plug in we put on our go to Spotify playlist. WellChill n' Sound is a great alternative to help you concentrate and be productive. You should check it out


We can all agree that Airbnb is a great thing. But maybe it'd be better if you could rent that luxury penthous or great villa? So they're launching a luxury product for more high end rentals! 


As seen on Instagram. An interesting piece about the influence of Instagram and how it's quickly taking on the roll that TV had for those shopping platform style ads.Interesting piece. Worth a read.


This week's Covetable Itemâ„¢ is the latest Nintendo reinvention of a classic console. This year's Christmas must have will be the SNES Classic. Launching in September and priced at $79.99. Want.

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