The Digital Bible #31

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Roaring like a Lion...

If you work in Adland you know that this week is Cannes Lions week. The great and the good meet up to celebrate all that is great in our industry. Lots of parties and congratulatory back slapping on how brilliant we all are. And the awards obviously. Including one for Burger King as the Creative Marketer of the year. Thanks in no small part to their win in the Direct category for their Google Home hack ad. The ad basically 'hacks' Google Home enabled devices to get them to perform a search for The Whopper and your device then starts to read from the Whopper's wiki. Smart. But personally I have a bit of a problem with it. Ads shouldn't enter your home like that and shouldn't activate your devices without your express permission. There's nothing nefarious about the ad itself, but it's a line crossed which means that you can expect more brands to follow suit and they may not have the same moral code as BK and the creative agency David have. It just makes me uncomfortable. 


Snapchat just launched a new Snap Mapfeature which allows you to see what's going on nearby and snaps from big events etc. Rolled out yesterday it's sure to offer brands some opportunities.


Reuters and Oxford University have just released their 2017 Digital News Report. Check it out to see stats on trust in news etc. Some great country by country breakdowns too. Check it out.


Twitter just rolled out a redesign across web, app and Tweetdeck. The redesign is said to make the experience better and easier to use. Some mixed reactions, but the numbers will speak for themselves.


Who could forget starting your favourite SEGA game to be greeted by the musical 'SEGA' sung at you by angelic voices. And now they're releasing their classic games for mobile devices. For free!


It's no secret that Facebook et al are working on tools to counter the rise of terrorist organisations using their platforms, so this look at Facebook's plans shows some strong work being done.


Ikea's instructions for putting together furniture can be infuriating, but this idea forhelping people cook new recipes is wonderully simple and looks really usable. I do like a smart campaign. 


Instagram just announced hitting 250m DAUs, widening it's lead over Snapchat. And they've also added Live video replaymeaning followers that missed your live content will see it in your story.


his week's Covetable Itemâ„¢ is the new OnePlus 5, the smartphone that's specced like a premium brand, without the pricetag. More expensive than previous models, it's already getting rave reviews.

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