The Digital Bible #30

Technology is great...

We're just not great at explaining to people why it's great. And I mean that from an advertising and processes point of view. We're constantly being asked for innovation which drives this need to find the latest and greatest but what if innovation actually means finding a way to get people to use existing technology properly instead of creating an ad for the couple of thousand people in Ireland who actually have an AR viewer? I just wrote a whole blog on this. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. 


Sometimes people get the why tech works thing right and Baidu have nailed it with this product for people with alzheimer's.  Facial/Voice recognition tells you who you're talking to. Brilliant.


Consoles and gaming is a multi billion dollar industry and everyone of a certain age remembers Atari. Well it seems they want some of that lucre so they might be developing a new console! Yay!


Facebook posts by individuals have been in decline for a while now. The coloured background updates you see now are a tool to encourage more posting. And they're about to get a lot more annoying.


Roam like Home came into effect today, but just make sure you know the ins and outs, especially with your own network and particularly your plan. Otherwise here is a decent explainer of what it means. 


There's been a lot of talk about Irish influencers and the new revenue laws as well as transparency. Well luckily Instagram have a new Partnerships toolthat'll make their life easier.


Speaking of influencers, the ASAI have come out and said that brands, and by extension agencies, must ensure that the influencers they work with stick to the rules. More good news for consumers.


Transparency is important for consumers, but it's also important for brands. Facebook are now going to let advertiserssee a list of sites their ads might appear on, as well as create blacklists. 


This week's Covetable Itemâ„¢ is the newiPad Pro 10.5". I've not read one bad review of this piece of kit and for those of us who like to work on the go, but don't want to lug a laptop, this is worth a look.

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