The Digital Bible #29

May'd up!

I deliberately waited for today to send this email instead of the usual Thursday dispatch because I wanted to see the outcome of the UK #GeneralElection17. To say the Tories had a bit of a meltdown is a massive understatement. I can't remember a government throwing away a poll lead in such a flagrant fashion as May just did. One of the really interesting things is that we've been seeing the most obnoxious headlines in the UK newspapers about Labour and particularly Corbyn. And then on the other hand, the Tories have been using Facebook to target young voters with ads. But neither  of these things stopped Corbyn turning in a rather successful return. So what are the lessons? Young people don't read newspapers and targeted ads can't influence them as much as you think? There'll have to be a book. I can't waiti to read it. On my Kindle!


Are Facebook about to release a messaging app aimed at teens? It certainly looks like it. Lines of code in the current Facebook app point to a parent controlled messaging platform called Talk.


If you haven't noticed, teens lead a totally different social media life to you and I. For instance do you on the difference between a Rinsta and a Finsta Instagram account? This is a really great article on their habits.


It's no secret that Snapchat are making big efforts to monetise the platform better but there are still lots of issues. This is a great run down on the issues that still exist with Snapchat as an ad platform.


If the American government don't want to be leaders in clean energy, that suits China down to the ground. Check out this 40mw field of solar panels they just set up on lake. Incredible stuff


Apple held their famous developer conference this week, WWDC, and as is the norm they announced a whole raft of goodies. So instead of going through each one, here's a list of all the new toys.


Facebook are rolling out a new tool that will help politicians. The tool will share data on what constituents are reading and sharing so politicians can see what get's them going. Bit late for the Tories though.


It's not secret that Facebook is paying publishers to create live and on demand content to drive more engagement with their video platform, and now they're going to pay for more evergreen content.

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This week's Covetable Item™ is another phone, this time the OnePlus 5 which launches in a couple of weeks. If you're in the market for a new phone, do yourself a favour and have a look. Stunner.

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