The Digital Bible #28

A neck like a jockey's...

I saw a tweet from one of Dublin's best know tweeters Darragh Doyle during the week with a snippet of a post from an agency. The post told the story of an 'influencer' with 22k followers who rang looking for free accommodation from this agency's hotel client in return for 'exposure'. This is everything that is wrong with influencer marketing in Ireland and judging from the responses to Darragh's tweet, on Twitter and other channels, it's far from an irregular occurrence. I don't know how many bloggers/influencers read this. But if you do, and you do this kind of thing - stop. Stop it now. Because you're being a dick. 


This is an interesting treaty on how Instagram, in their change from curator of great photos to ephemeral content, may have lost it's reason for being. I had similar thoughts a while ago. 


A new study out this week has named Instagram as the worst social network for young people's mental health.  This stuff is important so have a read. You'll find a link to the full study there too


Twitter has been doing alot recently to help people fight against trolls etc. The latest move is in your DMs where you'll now be able to preview messages. So kind of like Facebook's Message Requests.


I mentioned Google Photos in this recently and then wondered about the value Google will derive from it. Then I read this and it all makes sense. IF you use cloud storage, this is worth a read. 


We've spoken before about Snapchat opening up a self serve ad platform. Which has led to a lot of low quality creative work going up. And users have noticed. Interesting piece from Digiday


Airports can be stressful. We've all had Gate Anxiety, but digital transformation can really help here and this is an interesting piece on Gatwick and their moves to improve the experience.


It's not secret that Facebook is paying publishers to create live and on demand content to drive more engagement with their video platform, and now they're going to pay for more evergreen content.

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This week's Covetable Item™ is the newEssential Phone and it's from the man who gave us Android. It's got a ridiculous screen and modular capability. Can it sell in a tough market though?

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