The Digital Bible #27

Is Instagram eating some messenger apps share?

Earlier this week IPSOS MRBI dropped their quarter social stats and there were some very interesting results. I'm won't bore you, but the way the numbers play off, it kind of looks like Instagram's introduction of stories might helping the app take some of the messaging apps traffic. What makes me say this is that it's the only channel contained in the report that didn't show a drop in account ownership or daily active users. I put my thoughts in a blog if you're interested and you'll find that here


Snapchat rolled out a nice new feature Wednesday in Custom Stories. The update allows you to create a group story and even geofence it to a location if you want. Could be great for events etc.


Google just announced a raft of new tools for marketers including Attribution, which will help pull data together to give you a much clearer view of consumer journeys. Lots of other goodies too. More here


I'm a huge fan of mobile payments so this is big news. Apple Pay will now accept limitless payments in the UK. No more £30 limit. I wonder if this will make it's away across to Android pay and Ireland?


Up to now Twitter has only followed users for 10 days after a click, but they're about to roll out 30 day tracking. This is helpful for marketers, but should also help their bottom line too. 


You know those very first Instagram photos you posted where you used all the filters? Well Instagram is letting you archive them! The photos will be hidden from your feed, but you can put them back


Twitter want you to DM with brands more so they're launching the Direct Message Card that will work with bots to give responses to trigger words. On beta at the moment. Check it out. 


Facebook have a real people moderating posts using a rulebook. And because this is the internet, that rulebook leaked and some of the rules are just incredible. Great piece from the Guardian.


This week's Covetable Item™ is rather smart drone! The Spark from DJI is the size of can of coke and has some serious features like intelligent flight controls. Whatever they are! $499 isn't bad either.

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