The Digital Bible #26


The idea of holding people's files and data via a piece of malware isn't exactly new, but it was really sprung into public consciousness this week with the WannaCry attack that spread across the world. But the biggest issue isn't really the WannaCry ransomware, but more the exploit that allowed it to spread as virulently as it did. And the kicker? The exploit, EternalBlue, originated in the NSA. Microsoft have released emergency patches to protect against the exploit, but like any network or computer system, the biggest weakness is the human one and creating a patch is great, but it requires end users to actually install it. The moral of the story is that you should always check and install new security patches.


Facebook launched their anti Fake News tools a short while ago and claimed that they'd help fight the phenomenon. But according to a report in the Guardian, itmight be doing the opposite


Many would argue that since Biz Sone left Twitter the company has lost it's way somewhat. The return of Jack Dorsey has steadied the ship, but Biz's return might improve matters again. Fingers crossed.


So Facebook were less than honest with the EU when looking for approval on the Whatsapp takeover deal ($22b). €110m worth of less than honest. Deal still stands, but still, it's kind of embarrassing. 


Twitter just unveiled new privacy and data controls that mean you've got more control over how advertisers can target you. Welcome move. Check out how you canadjust your settings here


First off, Facebook did buy MSQRD last year so this was always going to happen, but that doesn't mean that the updatedInstagram Stories facial filters aren't a direct copy of Snapchat's.


Google Assistant is coming to iOS. So now you'll have a decision as to whether you continue to use Siri or plump for the Google offereing. Big news in the digital assistant world. 


Amazon announced the refresh of their Fire Tablet range yesterday and to be honest, they look pretty good for the price. By no means an iPad kiiler, but that was never the intention was it!


This week's Covetable Item™ is another Kickstarter project, the Städler Made outdoor oven. Looks ideal for pizza, but I'm sure you can find other fine culinary delights to cook. Check it out. 

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