The Digital Bible #25

Oh Snap!

Snap! released their first earnings report since their IPO yesterday and the news wasn't so good. Slowing user growth and revenue coupled with net losses for the first quarter of $2.2b rattled investors and the stock lost 23% of it's value. In the grand scheme of things this is probably a correction rather than an adjustment as many investors thought the stock was over priced to begin with. And now the real fun begins. Facebook clearly have the popular messaging app in their sights so what can Snap! do to fend them off? Interesting times ahead. 


Facebook have Snapchat in their sights and many were wondering how Snap! intended to fight back. Yesterday's updateis a strong signal. Infintity posts and looping video two of the new additions


Digital assistants are all the rage these days and Microsoft are looking for ways to inject Cortana into our lives. And it seems Windows 10 machines might be their in. And this is how it might work!


While Microsoft is plotting it's entry into digital assistants, Amazon are forging ahead and have just announced the Echo Show. Everything the Echo is, plus 7" screen. Check it out


Facebook tweaks it's algorithm regularly and that determines what makes it to your newsfeed. And in a bid to prevent you being sent to ad filled sites they're updating it to crack down on. Good news.


One thing about the Instagram app is that it's data heavy which means it can be difficult to use in emerging markets. So allowing people to add images via the mobile site is a big addition to functionality.


Facebook is vast but in their never ending quest for DAUs are they making too many compromises around censorship and throttling information? Check out the deal they just struck in Thailand


Influencer marketing is the big thing right now, but are influencers helping build brand? This is a Thought provoking piece from Doug Kleeman and well worth your time reading if you work in PR or Marketing.


This week's Covetable Item™ is a coffee table. No ordinary coffee table though. TheSobro comes with a built in fridge, bluetooth speakers and charging points. And it has drawers for stuff! Magnificent. 

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