The Digital Bible #24

A little rant...

Recently I paid my motor tax via the online portal. The disc never showed up and I had to go through a few hoops to find out what the next steps are. Turns out the next step is filling in a form, getting it witnessed by a Garda (that's an Irish cop) and then queue in the local motor tax office. What's the point of having (a really clunky) online system for paying for your motor tax if it can't handle lost discs? It totally defeats the purpose, not to mention is a ridiculous waste of everyone's time. But what it does serve to do is highlight how the simplest of digital changes that could really transform how our services work in Ireland, are totally neglected.


Twitter have just announced a new deal with the WNBA and The Verge to roll out more streaming content. They obviously see this as a space they can really compete in and it could be key to sustaining growth.


If you're a heavy user of YouTube, or even a brand that creates skins etc for campaigns, then the updated, flatter design will be of interest to you. There is even a 'dark' theme! Check it out.


Interesting functionality update from Whatsapp which will allow you to pin up to 3 conversations to the top of your chat list. This is very helpful if you're having a particularly chatty day.


Instagram has had emoji search for a while now and I did wonder how long it'd take for Twitter to follow suit. Quite a while as it goes. But it's there now for you. Go wild on emoji searches!


It's a regular occurrence that I get asked by someone about a dodgy looking email. Hint. If the address looks weird, delete it. But maybe GMail's new anti phishing filter will help those who aren't sure. 


You know that annoying white boarder around snapchats that you've uploaded from your camera roll? Snapchat are getting rid of it. This is good news for advertisers and creatives.


People using their phones while driving is a big issue. Samsung seem to want to do something about that so this InTraffic Reply core functionality seems like a cool idea.


It's less than 24 hours since Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop but it shoots straight in as this week's Covetable Item™. And not just because it's ridiculously good looking. Check it out.

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