The Digital Bible #20

Another milestone reached!

Issue 20 of the Digital Bible. I'm really quite chuffed that I've managed to get this far. When I first started producing this as '50mg of the Internet' I wasn't sure what I really wanted them to be, but it's certainly become a great driver for me to make sure I keep up with everything and try to understand all that is happening. So thanks for reading. And if you really like it, please do spread the word.


Peer2Peer payments are going to become increasingly important as we move towards a cashless society. So news that Whatsapp are rolling out that functionality in India is worth checking out. 


People have been noticing this rocket ship in their Facebook app recently and now we kind of know what it does. It looks like it's similar to the Instagram Explore tab. Mashable has more. Interesting.


Over 250 brands froze advertising with Google over it's placement alongside questionable content. SoGoogle will turn to AI and some other tweaks to policy to help solve the issue.


Revenge porn is quite topical in Ireland at the moment, so this is timely from Facebook. New ways to prevent it, get it removed and using AI, stop it appearing again. Good work Facebook.


The Egg is dead! That's right. Twitter have gotten rid of the egg and replaced it with a generic person icon. Will that help in the fight against trolls? Or will they just all post a pic of an egg?


We can all agree that how people consume TV and therefore sports has changed. And Sky aren't going to get left behind. Interesting piece on their plans around a recent aquisition.


Microsoft don't feature here often, but their new AI powered camera app warrents a look. Using tools already developed to tell your age, or what celeb you look like, it could do quite well. Check it out.


Summer = shorts = great creps. This week's Covetable Item™ are adidas Stan Smith's with the navy accent. More versatile than the standard green, these will fit most outfits. From

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