The Digital Bible #19

In America, your web history is no longer your own.

Anyone who has read these for a while will know that I've got thing about privacy online, especially when I see things that erode that privacy. In Europe we are lucky because we have very strict data privacy laws and those who hold that data are very restricted in what they can do with it. In America, not so much. And it just got worse as the Republicans in both the House and Senate have voted to strike down a law that prevented ISPs from selling your data, including web history, without your consent. And if you think this has nothing to do with allowing the government snoop on your data, then you've not been paying attention.


Facebook just added a whole range of new filters etc to it's in app Camera function for users and brands. All this says to me is 1. Zuck doesn't like competition. 2. He doesn't like being told no.


One issue with Instagram live was the inability to save videos down after broadcast. So the engineers have gone ahead and fixed that. Now we just need them to open their API to allow for higher quality footage.


LinkedIn is making changes to how it serves content and is launching Trending Storylines. Using the data they have, algorithms and human editors they want to help you discover interesting news.


You know the sensitive souls for whom seeing a nipple would ruin their day? Well Instagram has their back and have introduced a 'Sensitive Content' blur effect for more risqué content.


Good news for all you people who like to do some Tinder surfing when at work. You'll be able to do it on your laptop soon as they're rolling out a desktop version. Limited release for now.


Just yesterday I was lamenting the inability to block certain words etc from my Twitter app. And then Advanced Muting came along. The ability to block words for up to 30 days will be well used I'm sure.


Social media play a big part in politics. From Brexit to Trump it's clear that people's feeds are the battlegrounds so Facebook are now facilitating DMs to representatives. US only. For now. 


There was only ever going to be one contender for this week's Covetable Item™ and that was the Galaxy S8. Available late April, this is just a massive phone. Check it out. 

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