The Digital Bible #23

A week of triumph!

3 great things happened this week. 1. I passed the 90 subscribers mark for these emails. So thanks all for taking the time to read them. 2. I finally got two new systems installed and running in work. Look out for our massive video wall in Trinity College if you're ever walking through, and if you want to get tickets for the Book of Kells you'll soon be able to do it from the new kiosks we just installed. 3. The world didn't destroy itself in a ball of fiery death. But that could happen next week. Ho humm


Instagram is just getting bigger and bigger and on Wednesday they announced reaching 700m DAU. That means they've added 100m users since December 2016. Impressive growth numbers.


Twiiter surprised quite a few people on their quarterly earnings call be revealing that they added users! A 6% increase in fact. Ad revenue is still an issue so expect big announcements in that area soon.


Amazon are everywhere. The Alexa personal assistant is the stuff of 1970s sci-fi but do we really need a camera that judges our outfit? Because that's what they just launched. Just a bit scary.


The camera on my Galaxy S7 is great. Except in low light conditions. Actually, all smartphone cameras are crap in low light. But Google may have a fix. They just have to bundle it so we can all use it! 


I've mentioned Google Photoscan previously but they've just updated it so now it can digitise your old photos in one snap AND remove nasty glare! If you've got lots of old family snaps, try it out. 


I think most of us know that Facebook is basically trying to beat Snapchat in the same way Agent Smith tried to beat Neo. So this on The Ringer is an interesting read on Facebook's strategy


One of the big complaints about news on social is that the platforms only serve you stories that match your interests. WellFacebook want to create a more informed society so they're changing that. 


This week's Covetable Item™ is ridiculous but so insanely cool that I really want one. The problem? Well it's only available in Japan and it's stupid expensive. The Muji Hut everyone. Swoon.

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