The Digital Bible #22


I wrote an OpEd prior to the 2015 election here in Ireland for the Sunday Business Post. That piece was about digital and how parties needed to up their game in order to sway voters. For me, most parties didn't really do alot of great work on social but in the UK the parties are way ahead of us. So now, Theresa May has called a snap election it's going to be an interesting seven weeks as we watch parties roll out content pieces to grab votes. Unfortunately I'm expecting more of the Brexit style 'alternative facts' style content and as we know - using experts to discredit these lies does't work. So how will the MSM and less bombastic parties cope? It's going to be very interesting to watch.   


We're not big on Tumblr here in Ireland, but this is still interesting. They'velaunched Cabana, a video sharing and chat platform that allows 6 people to chat and share videos. 


You know how annoying it is when you're trying to post to Instagram but you have no signal. Well if you're an Android user that's not going to be a problem anymore as they've rolled out offline mode!


Facebook Instant Articles. Launched in 2015 with pomp and ceremony is being abandoned by big publishers. In droves. But why? This is an excellent piece about what's going on. Well worth a read.


Ad Blocking is big and getting bigger, but you still don't expect Google, who make most of their money from ads, to create their own one that runs on their own web browser. Are they actually doing it?


FB Messenger is huge. 1.2b users huge. So obviously there are big plans for it, some of which were spoken about at F8 which is being held this week. It's clear they have business users in their sights.


Most people back photos up to the cloud now, and Google Photos have been hovering up users. Not surprising when they roll out video stabilisation as a tool. But still, I can't bring myself to like it!


It was only late last year that the NES Classic made the Covetable Item™list, so bad news if you didn't get one. Nintendo are discontinuing it! Despite it's popularity But why? Business Insider will tell you!


This week's Covetable Item™ is a must have for summer. Think of all the G&T you could drink out of these lovely Old Fashioned glasses from Luigi Bormioli. €10 a pop in Brown Thomas!

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