The Digital Bible #21

Who do you trust with your device?

I read a stat recently that said that about 80% of American's don't have the lock activated on their smartphone. And it made me think about the correlation between that and how relaxed American's seem to be about just how much power corporations and ISPs etc have over their data. Compared to the US, Europe's privacy laws are almost draconian and for me that's the right way. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that security agencies are snooping my data, not for any reason, but because like Google, they just crawl everything and everyone. So the question is, if you don't have a security lock on your smartphone, why don't you?


Facebook have spotted a problem. Using their advertising platform might be confusing/difficult for small business. So they've launched some new tools that will help with that. 


Burger King rolled out a new 15" spot this week that activates your Google device. Whether it's your phone or digital assistant, the ad prompts it to search "What is the Whopper". Check it out.


Snapchat have been under pressure to up their game from advertisers and media buyers and clearly they've been listening. This new 'Snap to Store' feature is set to help shift product. Will it work?


I've checked the stats and the vast majority of you read this mail on iOS. So this long read from a guy who went undercover in and iPhone factory is definitely worth a read. Eyeopening.


Mark Zuckerberg's attack on Snapchat continues, this time through an update to the DM function in Instagram. The change basically makes it easier for you to senddisppearing DMs to your contacts


You'd be forgiven for celebrating the new EU directive on mobile roaming around Europe, but as @adrianweckler points out, we're being conned. His piece in the Indo gives the low down.


We leave our children with technology all the time. Do we know what they're consuming? Probably. But Amazon want you to know they take this seriously, so they launched a new parents dashboard.


This week's Covetable Item™ is the new Nikon D7500 which goes on sale in June. It won't be cheap, but if you're looking to up your DSLR game, then this would be mint. Full review here 

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