The Digital Bible #16

It's time to face facts, total privacy is now a myth.

In the last day or two there have been some eye opening leaks appearing on WikiLeaks regarding the CIA and their operational methods and the tools they use to listen in to pretty much whatever conversations they chose. For me, the big surprise isn't that they have the ability to do this, but more the breadth and scope of their success in hacking what we would consider secure communications channels. The level of surprise that they are able to do this shocked me to be honest. We live in a connected world and we give up privacy at the press of a screen because we can't be bothered to read the T&Cs. While it's obvious that those who really want to get access can, that doesn't mean you should make it easy by signing away your privacy without checking what you're really giving apps access to. I'm looking at you Meitu


I've been using Android Pay with my AIB card for a couple of months now and it's great. So the news that Apple Pay is rolling out here must be music to many people's ears. Just hope your bank supports it!


Twitter continue to add services apace. This week it's adding personalised profiles to DM functionality for customer service. Basically it lets users know when they're talking to a real human. Which is nice. 


More from Facebook. They're testing out a new system they claim can tell when a user is contemplating suicide by using AI. That's a big shout. If it pans out and it actually works then this is huge news.


While the CIA Leak was cause for concern for many tech companies, it turns out that the flaws that the CIA exploited are well on their way to being fixed. But that doesn't mean the CIA haven't found new flaws.


You know how you know if you're super ridiculously good looking in todays dating app world? You'll be invited to Tinder Select. Basically Tinder for famous or really hot people. Are you on it?


The fight against Fake News continues and the war is very visibly being fought on social media. This week Facebooklaunched a tool that identifies links from sites known to produce fake content.  


Another Facebook story? This is just awkward now. But this is good. You know how we've all been asking for a 'dislike' button? Well it seems they're testing one! On Messenger for now but it's start right?


I've already told you I'm using Android Pay alot but this week's Covetable Item™, The Kerv is the latest in wearable. Make a payment using your a ring on your finger! How cool is that? And only £100!

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