The Digital Bible #15

Notice anything last week?

Last week was just one of those weeks where everything caught up with me and I was really busy. One of the things about blogging and doing things like this is finding the time to actually write things up and put them on the line etc. So I just wanted to say thanks for sticking with me and I hope this week's edition makes up for last week's lack of updates! 


Google Hangouts is a pretty handy tool if we're honest. Just no one really uses it. But what if you could use it for work video conferences? Meet by Hangouts seems to be for that purpose. Will it catch on?


I'm sure you've seen Twitter profiles that state "No Eggs" and it would appear that popular troll practice of not replacing the standard egg will cause them issues. You can now mass mute egg profiles!


Chances are you already consume lots of YouTube video and now the Google operation want more of your viewing hours. They've just launched a digital TV bundle for $35p/m. Interesting stuff.


It's Snap IPO day and they're going to market at $17 a share. This is going to be the biggest tech IPO in 2 years so expect lots of analysis over the coming weeks. Be interesting to see where the price goes!


Influencer Marketing is coming under lots of scrutiny, as it should, over transparency. And it looks like Instagram are trying to answer some of the questions by adding a new tagging option. Find out more here


Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Whatsapp Status, what have the got in common? They all have a new competitor. This time from publishing platform Medium. Read all about it here.


The Nokia 3310 is one of those phones that everyone had and loved. Except me. I hated it. Mostly because of it's size. And now it's back as a feature phone. Expect to see your local hipsters sporting one soon


You know when you have to carry your stuff home and it's annoying? Enter this week's Covetable Item™, The Piaggio Gita. Made to carry up to 40lbs, this is what the future looks like.

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