Digital Bible #18

Will digital finally get it's house in order?

It's been an interesting 6 months or so for digital marketing. The revelations about Facebook and Twitter misreporting have been followed by brands throwing shade at sites like Breitbart because they don't want their ads running on them. And as we move into Q2 2017 we're now seeing brands pull budget from YouTube because of their ads being displayed on questionable content. It's hard not to look at some of the other practices like rebates and bot generated clicks etc and wonder if our quest for measuring everything to the Nth degree may have caused this. And from it, will we start see brands start to concentrate more on brand instead of moving through a cycle of product/campaign based creative and media?


I've posted to a story about this before, but that was the test. Instagram Shopping is going live for US based brands. Expect it to roll out to other markets shortly. Interesting stuff. 


We all know live video is huge right now, and Twitter has been behind the curve in terms of professional broadcast quality integration. But they've just launched their API so expect much improved quality.


Because getting distracted on the internet isn't easy enough, and because typing is hard, Google have just launched new search shortcuts to their app and site. I'm sure this'll involve giving them more data.


Brands are taking a hardline with YouTube because of the questionable content some of their ads are being shown with. As more brands pile on, you'd expect Google to respond pretty quickly.


When I heard about Apple launching Clipsfirst I was all like "we don't need another Snapchat clone", but on further reading there seems to be alot more to this. Like the 'Live Titles' function. 


Remember last year when Apple launched a 9.7" iPad Pro? Well this year theylaunched the iPad. Which isn't the iPad Air 3. It's just the iPad, and it's 9.7". And it seems very reasonably priced too!


There is no shortage of Digital Assistants right now, and there's no reason whyBixby, Samsung's version, can't be a success. At first it seems like a phone tool, but could it be more an IoT controller?


Yes ok, the games roster is a bit shallow for now, but this weeks Covetable Item™ has featured here before. But now it's actually available. The Nintendo Switchjust looks awesome. 

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