The Digital Bible #17

Why are we so in love with the financial sector?

As we move towards St. Patrick's Day it's good to see some really great things happening in Ireland. Lots of people seem ready to embrace the positives that might come from Brexit. Of course there will be difficulties but given the amazing things that have happened here since 2008, I'm pretty sure we can make it a success. I do have one gripe though. Why is our government insisting on competing with the likes of Frankfurt for financial jobs, when there is a whole world of opportunities in things like gaming. That's what I'd like to see being chased. But I fear our civil service and politicians really lack the understanding of technology and the digital world we live in to capitalise on this billion dollar industry. 


For most people Chrome is the browser of choice for their internet jollies. The problem is that it's both a memory and battery hog. But the new version should fix some of those issues


IoT, connected devices and wearables. That's all we seem to hear about these days. And now Google and Levi's have teamed up to produce a smart jacket that uses conductive fabric. A steal at $350.


Operation London Bridge. There is no reason you should know what this is. And it's not tech/digital related. It's the plan of action for when the Queen dies.Fascinating long read from the Guardian.


iOS 11 is going to roll out quite soon, and it could sound the death knell for about 200kapps in the app store by removing support for apps that aren't 64-bit processor compatible. Would you even notice?


When it comes to analytics and reporting Facebook took a bit of a beating in 2016. But the changes implemented in the wake of the misreporting issues might just have a big impact on Digital Marketing


When it comes to music streaming Spotify is the king, but the majority of users have 'free' accounts. In an effort to drive more subs, it seems they're planning onthrottling access to new hot hits!


Given the number of security issues we know about, you'd think people would pay attention to their own security measures. Apparently not though. Pew reports many American's don't even lock their phone!


Any smartwatch that wants to find itself on my wrist needs to be a beautiful piece of kit, and this weeks Covetable Item™ is just that. The Montblanc Summit is just that. €950? Bargain I say. 

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