The Digital Bible #12

Interesting Times!

So it's been an interesting week for me. On Monday I gave my first of 12 lectures to the MSc In Public Relations and Strategic Communications students in DCU and I'm happy to say I didn't make a mess of it. Which is nice. Also, I was asked to speak (only for 25 minutes thankfully) at the #GetSocial event which is also being held in DCU. That event is on the 14th of February and the line up, apart from me, is pretty impressive. So, if you're an SME and looking to get a better handle on social etc, you could do worse than head along to that. You can find out more about that here


First stop is Instagram this week. They're rolling out functionality to their Beta users on Android that will allow posting of albums. I have reservatons about this so look out for my views when I see it.


Not a great weekend for Uber. So many people decided to delete their Uber account (check out #deleteuber on Twitter) that they had to introduce a whole new methodology. Which isn't good. 


Another Snapchat story worth checking out. You can now have snapcodes that open websites! That's right, QR codes might not be useless anymore. It'll be interesting to see how this goes.


Whatsapp are trialling a location service that basically will transmit your location to contacts for a period of time. Also we may see editing/recalling sent messages coming too. 


Snapchat have opened up their API to all advertisers meaning brands will find it much easier to advertise. This will make it much clearer to understand costs etc, which is a good thing.


Facebook released their Q4 earnings yesterday and during the discussion with journalists, The Zuck outlined his plans for video on the platform. Look out for a dedicated video tab! Get the lowdown here


It's no secret that authorities ask our favourite social networks for information all the time. What's new is that the networks are now telling us when the federales are over reaching. And over reach they do.


OK I know it's miserable out, but you can never be too prepared for summer BBQs. So this week's Covetable Item is theKikkerland Portable BBQ Suitcase. Picnics in the park will never be the same again.

And that brings us to the end of this week's chapter and verse. I hope you got some use from the links above and if you want to know any more about anything please do get in touch. In the meantime - it'd be great if you could share this page around and help me add to my subscribers list which people can join by filling in the box on this page



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