The Digital Bible #14

Crap content is crap.

So this week I spent an afternoon at the #GetSocial2017 event in the Helix in DCU. Some really interesting topics discussed and I hope those attending got something useful from my talk. One of the big points I made was that Crap content is Crap. And it really is. So I've decided that I should share that slide and expand on it in the form of a blog post. Look out for that coming soon. Also this week the White House seems to be in major difficulty because the feds have intercepts of members of Trump's team on the phone to Russia. So, if the feds can listen in to those calls, you can be sure they can hear what you're saying to your cousin in Boston. Just worth remembering. 


Using an emoji in your Instagram post will drive increased engagement! Apparently they make you look more friendly and therefore easier to like. 😎 There's a big report you can get here


If you hadn't heard, Snap are taking Snapchat public ($22b) and now they have to show potential investors there is value in the IPO. So they've signed a deal with the A+E Network for some Reality shows


It feels like we're setting the scene for a dystopian novel. World discovers AI, world builds robots with AI. AI becomes aware and kills all humans. But don't worry, our MEP's will save us. They want regulation.


So this week's Covetable Item™ is the Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless. Now usually I'm a Nikon guy, but I've been thinking mirrorless recently and this may just get the nod. She's not cheap though!


When you scroll over a video on Facebook it autoplays with no sound, but after successful trials it looks like we'll all be hearing more videos. Which makes me wonder about the trial group.


Visual search isn't a new thing, but it's still interesting, especially when it's Pinterestwho's whole premise is about visuals. It'll be educational to see how quickly it learns what objects are.


Facebook is looking to conquer your TV screen. They're developing an app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire etc that will allow users stream video content from friends and live video etc. 


Looks like Facebook want some of that recruitment goodness. They're rolling out a job application functionality that will rival LinkedIn. It'll be interesting to see what kind of information it shares though. 

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