The Digital Bible #13

We need to talk about video.

I saw someone tweet recently that businesses should be looking to create more video content for their social channels, and I broadly agreed with that statement. Given the amount of video we're consuming it makes total sense. What followed I didn't agree with. The gist of it was that making video was easy and all you needed was a good smartphone and some video editing software. The person then when on to say that there were loads of YouTube tutorials on how to do all the things that you needed to make decent video. What they failed to mention was that you also need a plan, a theme and a script as well as some direction. I bring it up because I'll be speaking about content at the #GetSocial Conference next week in DCU, and this is the kind of nonsense that is out there. So I'll hopefully be able to get some good information out. Bottom line, if you're going to do some video, do it right and if you can afford it, get some professional help.


Twitter have announced some new features that they hope will help in their, up to recently, poor efforts at tackling trolls. It would appear that attitudes to abuse have changed there. Hopefully more to come.


When it comes to live video, there is no shortage of platforms to choose from. And now you can add YouTube to that list. This was announced last year but it went live on Wednesday. Mashable have more


We all love Google Maps. I've been using it's turn by turn navigation for years. So anupdate to it's UI that makes it easier to use? Well that's alright by me. The update rolled out yesterday. 


Because Facebook misreported on video views last year, Neilsen relooked at how they measured the channel. The news isn't good. 94% drop not good. Check out thefull story here


Changes to the Facebook Advertising policies aim to stop the practice of affinity targeting based on race, colour or sexual orientation. Will they work? Not so sure. The Guardian has more.


Rule No.1 should always be don't take what you read on Wikipedia as 100% fact. Always look for citations and do a bit more research. But banning the Daily Mail as a source is quite funny not to mention smart.


IOT is great isn't it. Connected devices making your life easier. Brilliant. But it also leaves you open to hacks and pranks etc. Like this guy who hacked 150,000 printers. Interesting read. 

This week's Covetable Item is the RIF6 Cube Micro Projector. With 90mins battery life and ability to connect most devices, you'll never never have to watch Netflix on a tiny screen again. 

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