The Digital Bible #11

The age of Alternative Facts!

Calling lies Alternative Truths is basically the most insidious thing I've ever heard a politician's spokesperson say. The effect that Kelly Ann Conway was going for was to help normalise the lies that will spew forth from Donald Trump and his advisors (Steve Bannon et al) and to give false reason to their supporters to continue to disbelieve the news organisations and instead tune in to Trump's Twitter feed for the real facts. If you follow any discourse around politics on Social Media it's night on impossible to scroll without seeing insults being traded. So here we are, back in the 1930s and all out technology is probably making it worse. Well played people. Well played indeed.


Every year Google releases it's "Bad Ads" report, in which they detail their work in removing, well, bad ads from their network. The 2016 report just dropped and they were really busy last year. 


Have you noticed a change in how you use your lock screen notifications? Because developers have. And so the age of the Lock Screen wars is upon us. This is an interesting read from The Guardian.


All the trend pieces point to Video being #Yuge in 2017, so the timing of this updatefrom Google about a new, more robust and cloud based reporting tool across YouTube and Google is interesting. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 14.24.28.png

Instagram has changed a lot over the last 12 or so months and this piece in RECODE is a nice long read about that journey and where they're headed. Definitely worth 10 mins of your day.


We've all heard about how difficult it is for publications to make money these days so this report outlining how tight things are in terms of 3rd Party platforms makes for interesting reading. BI have more.


One of the biggest pluses to Android over iOS is expandable storage. So it's great to see that Netflix, after announcing downloadable content, will allow Android users use mounted storage. Win.


So you know how you've stopped using Snapchat as much and started using Instagram Stories instead. Well now you can send 'Stories' via Facebook too. You should see it on your phone soon.

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This weeks Covetable Item™ won't cost you a thing*. And it's good for you too. It's an app. It's called Headspace and it's all about meditating for 10 minutes a day. Give it a go. You might find it really helps.

That brings me to the end of my suggestions for this week. There are more. Like the privacy/security issues around the photo sharing app Meitu or perhaps Yolocaust - a project that aims to shame those who might take a selfie at a Holocaust memorial that you might like too. In the meantime - it'd be great if you could share this page around and help me add to my subscribers list which they can join by filling in the box on this page

*Headspace has a free service that you can trial, after that there is a subscription fee.


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