The Digital Bible #10

New Starts!

Usually this is a place for me to wax lyrical about a specific subject but this week, instead of making a pithy comment on Trump's inauguration for example, I'm just going to let you all know that this week I started a new consulting role within Trinity. I'll be helping the Commercial Revenue Unit with a Digital Transformation project for the foreseeable future and I'm quite delighted to be here. Normal ranting service will resume next week.


So this is weird. There's a string of characters that you can send to someone's phone that will basically crash it and be very annoying to the owner. Obviously don't do it. Check it out though


I shared a piece about Facebook's new system for combating fake news recently and it seems the front line for testing will be Germany. Users there will be able to flag stories as disputed. More on that here


Snapchat is getting a new search bar. And that will hopefully make it easier for users to find brands to follow. It's rolling out slowly, but you can expect to see it soon enough I'm sure. More info here


Have you ever heard of Andy Rubin? He's the mind behind Android OS. So he knows phones. Now 2 years after leaving Google, he's developing his own. Could it be one that breaks the duopoly?


Off topic for a moment, but this is a greatop-ed from Rafael Behr about Brexit and the route Theresa May has chosen. If you have any interest in what is going on, you should give it a read.


I saw Jerry Daykin speak at an IAB event I was at recently and the man spoke lots of sense. This is more of that sense on how changing habits are driving Facebook to copy Snapchat. 


It turns out that there is a back door through Whatsapp's encryption, which is basically terrible news. But the good news is there is a fix. Good piece in theTelegraph about the issue here


This week's Covetable Item™ combines two things I love. Robots and Lego. Unveiled at CES, Lego Boost will let you build cool robots. What is there to not love about that? 

I'll be back again next week with some more links to great content around the web. In the meantime - it'd be great if you could share this page around and help me add to my subscribers list which they can join by filling in the box on this page

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