The Digital Bible #9

You're Fake News!

I'd kind of hoped that we might get away from the whole Fake News thing for at least a little while, but it just seems that where Trump goes, Fake News follows. This week it's all about hotel beds in Russia and while I don't think Buzzfeed should have dumped the memo, unverified and without collaboration, I do think that CNN have come out of this looking rather well. The truth is that the Internet has had a huge affect on news and it's time we started looking to our newsrooms to produce real news again. And not updates on which of the Kardashians was spotted out last night. 


Now that Instagram Stories has hit 150m daily users they've got enough of an audience to start monetising. So Ads are coming. You can expect them to start showing up between stories.


Wikileaks. What has it become? The latest in their strange behaviour is their tweet that said they were considering creating a database exposing personal details of verified Twitter users. That's just insidious.


I think we can all agree that Facebook retargeting is quite helpful as a tool. So announcing an expansion to the targetable audience to include other brand's sites and pages is likely to go down well. 


Hold on to your hats people because you may not need a mobile device for Facebook Live much longer as they are planning on opening it up to desktop. I, personally, can't wait to see what horrendousness occurs.


Speaking of daily users. Snapchat may have a problem. There's an ex-employee who is claiming they artificially inflated their data to increase the company value. That's a big no no. TNW have the story.


Here's the thing. If something is connected to the internet, or connected to a thing that is connected to the internet, it's vulnerable to hacking. And that might include your pacemaker. #ChangeYourPasswords


Twitter had a bit of a meltdown yesterday and was showing people tweets frompeople they didn't follow! Shock horror. I didn't even notice. But lots of people did. The issue is fixed now though.


Retro gaming is so hot right now, so this week's Covetable Item™ is hot from CES. It's a Super Retro Boy. Or a clone of a Gameboy that can play games from the Gameboy range. Launch price is $80 too!

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