The Digital Bible #7

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I'm sure you have all your presents bought and safe under the tree. So I'm wondering how many of you are going to buy someone or are expecting a gadget of some sort? All I'm going to say is that you are buying, make sure you're buying it from a legitimate source and it's the real deal. Too many people get caught out by eBay/Amazon scammers selling dodgy items. Also if you're really stuck for an idea - check out an Android Kodi TV box. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


Instagram Live has landed people. Time to get really excited. Or not at all. Take your pick. But it is a big deal in terms of the growth of live streaming. It's not going away folks!


Amazon Prime is now available in Ireland. Big news for the streaming market and with shows like The Grand Tour and Man in The High Castle you can be sure people will sign up. Find out more here


Are Facebook testing a tool that'll help combat Fake News? Seem to be and they're using actual human interaction to gauge what people think of headlines etc. They guys at The Drum have more


If you have a Yahoo account you should probably read this. 1 billion account details have been stolen in a hack. So what do you need to do? Business Insider has the inside track on that. 


We spoke last week about yet another Facebook mea culpa on their analytics. And there's been a few. So this is a handy run down of what's happened and what it means. 


Snapchat aren't holding back on the updates either. This week it's Groups. This feature lets you add up to 16 people to share conversations and media. And it retains the 24hr auto delete function!


"What's that new fancy bookmark type icon in my Instagram feed," I hear you ask. Well that's what it is. A bookmark. You can now save interesting 'grams and the best bit, no one else will know.


I've refrained from putting the Amazon Echo up as a Covetable Item™ until now because, officially, it isn't supported here. But with the above news about Prime - I'm hoping that's going to change!

And that's it for this week folks. Lots of stuff to get your eyes around. I hope you enjoy it and please - do share it with your friends and colleagues!


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