The Digital Bible #6

A thought on fake news, facts and why it's so hard to refute falsehoods.

So fake news is everyone's bug bear right now. Apart from those who write it and propagate it obviously. But the problem is that the 'facts' that people read on Facebook and then spew at you are really difficult to disprove because they're usually so outlandish that in order to refute them, you need to go and do a Google search. Your response, unless you're an expert in the actual field they're talking about, isn't immediate. I think that's a big part of the problem. If you can't refute immediately, then it makes it more difficult to come back to it later and say 'you're wrong, and here are the facts.' The other issue is the total disregard for facts, but that's another rant.


If you use Instagram a lot, you'll know that the comments can be a bit clunky to use and tag etc. That's all changing though, with the addition of liking comments and you'll be able to disable them too!


Do you need a site or an app? Do you need something that's like a cross between the two? Basically, do you need a PWA? Check out this explainer of what they are and why they're a good thing.


If you use Google Chrome on Mac, you'll have noticed how much of a memory hog it really is. So is it time to reconsider your browser choice? What browser you should use is up to you though. 


Facebook have now admitted a third instance of miscalculations in their measurement metrics for advertisers. Which makes me wonder if other channels have similar issues, just they don't say it?


Facebook Messenger P2P payments are coming to Europe. A successful application to the Central Bank here in Dublin means, with passporting, users should see the service roll out soon. 


So you know how you've made your password really secure by adding a couple of symbols and so on? Turns out that really doesn't make things more secure. So say Microsoft eggheads

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You know how loads of people don't know how to use those self check out machines in the supermarket. What if you didn't need to actually do anything but log in to the shop? Amazon found a way. 


I love a good coat so I do, so when my wife showed me this, well I had to have one. So it's this week's covetable item. €140 from Marks and Spencer and it's well worth it. 

And remember - if you're working on a project that you think would benefit from digital expertise or having another pair of eyes across it, I'm always available to do some consulting work. You can see more about that on this page.

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