The Digital Bible #5

So this is Christmas...

Last week I had a brief conversation with someone about Black Friday and the feeling from the other side of the table was that it wasn't all that. There was a piece on RTÉ last week saying retailers here were hoping for €100m in sales. Which would be great. And while it's hard to compete with cheaper UK sites and Amazon etc, it is also very true to say that lots of Irish retailers have a huge job to do on their e-commerce sites. Alot of them are just really bad experiences and maybe that's why they lose some of their sales to the UK? It's worth thinking and talking about because it is an issue. Lots of our Digital stuff is. But we just don't to seem to want to talk about it. 


One of the great things about Snapchat is that it tells you when someone screenshots your image. Just so you know. Instagram Stories didn't do that. But now it does. So that's good. If you're going to copy something, at least copy the good bits right? 


News organisations are at a crossroads. Falling circulation and plummeting ad revenue mean changes. This is a really interesting piece on the Washington Post and how they're changing things. 


I've been saying for a while that I think the sheen has come off Apple. The products look as good, but they just aren't as robust or innovative as they used to be. And I'm not the only one thinking it.


Drones and selfies. Two things that are so hot right now. So a drone that takes your selfies is obviously they best thing ever. That's this week's covetable item, the AirSelfie. Check it out on Kickstarter.


Netflix is a great service and with the quality of the original content they're producing I'm happy to pay my sub. So this new feature that allows you to download shows is a welcome addition.


You know how you don't use Facebook services nearly enough, said no one, ever. Seems they've found a way to keep you in the walled garden even longer by launching Instant Games


This is a really interesting piece on why Search is going to be a huge part of what Facebook does in 2017. With over 2b daily searches it's not really a surprise. So if search is in your strategy, check this out.


ROI - it's the acronym by which we are measured in Advertising, but with content marketing, measuring it is getting more and more difficult. Some interesting thoughts in this Digiday piece

I hope you all got what you needed in the sales and you're well on your way to being prepared for Christmas! I'm not. Not even close. 


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