The Digital Bible #4

Help me, help you! Or just help me!

If this was a chat show script this is where the opening monologue, filled with jokes and so on, would be. It's where I usually pick a topic to rif on and put a few thoughts down before I go into the interesting stuff. This week I'm asking for a little help. I'm trying to grow the list of people who receive this email organically so, the ask is that you share it with friends and colleagues and maybe if they like it they'll go to this page and sign up for it themselves! Now, that's done. On to the good stuff. 


Search for a place on Google and there's a feature that tells you the times it's usually busy. A new update will use live data and be able to differentiate between departments. Handy, but also a bit scary. 


You know how when you get a video in WhatsApp and you have to wait for it download to watch it? Not anymore. So basically you'll be streaming the video. Android only for the moment.


In the fallout of the US Election, a lot of blame has landed on Facebook for allowing fake news to spread unchecked. This from ArsTechnica is really worth a read on the whole saga.


Running a popular 'news' site is costly. Salaries, hosting etc all add up. So you recoup that using advertising. So when one of the big Ad-Tech players denies you access. That's big news and has to be a worry.


For a while there Instagram were rolling out updates to make it more Snapchat like. And that's not changed. The introduction of live streaming and disappearing content came earlier this week. This is big news.


In 2009 Facebook was blocked in China. In 2016, Facebook have developed a tool to censor stories so the block will be lifted. Which is worrying. Because who says it'll be just China that use it?


It's not a secret that privacy is a hot topic for me (see my blog in it here), so this story really caught my eye. The Snooper's Charter was written into law in the UK and you should really know what that is. 


This weeks Coveted Items is actually a Christmas Gift Guide with some of the top tech gifts that you could possibly get for a loved on this year. Some really great stuff up there. Maybe if I'm good...Really good!

And that is that for this week! Hope you enjoyed and shared it with all your friends!

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