The Digital Bible #2

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Chapter 1, Verse 2. 

So, wow. What about that then. Not many people saw Trump winning that one and the consequences are far reaching for many aspects of politics, not least of which is the Pollsters. They've got some job on their hands. The media too, have a job of work to do and the first item on their agenda must be wrestling back the truth. I wrote a blog post about how the truth has gotten lost and how the right and hard right have been a huge driver of that. You can read that here


An update rolled out to Snapchat this week and it's pretty cool. Now you can apply filters to the environment you're in and not just to your face. Interesting application, and more signs of AR growth.


It's November so that must mean...Yeah, there is it is. The annual meltdown about how amazing the John Lewis Christmas ad is. Even though it's not. At all. You can see it here. If you really want to. 


Influencer marketing is so hot right now. The seal of approval from a 'sleb can do wonders. Just ask Coco Brown. So to hear Facebook are putting some rules down  about disclosure etc is great news. 


I'm no designer - but I appreciate great design. I also appreciate great tech so this week's covetable item is the Microsoft Surface Studio. If it can live up to the hype, Apple have serious competition.


So we know Facebook are basically cloning the whole Snapchat model. This time it's a carbon copy of Snapchat but for emerging markets with poor connectivity. Zuck wants, Zuck gets.


You what you need on your phone? Another social video messaging app. No really. You do. So you should check this one out - Houseparty. So it's basically video conferencing for millennials. 


You'll notice I'm concerned with privacy, so that thing where WhatsApp shared your data with Facebook for advertising etc. Yeah, not cool. So that they're pausing in Europe is good news. 


Long Read: Penned before American's went to the polls, this op-ed from Wired, is an interesting dissection of how the campaign exposed a very dark side of tech and social. Read it. It's worth it.

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