Digital Marketing



With over 16 years experience in the communications industry I'm am available as a Digital Marketing Consultant to help you craft a workable digital strategy that can help you achieve your goals. Whether you need a digital strategy, website or want a social or content marketing plan I'll work with you to create a campaign that works for your business. If you have a campaign that you need some help with - please do get in touch



During my career I've worked with some great brands. I'm currently consulting for Trinity College Dublin, but in the past I have worked with brands across the retail, sport, beverage and alcohol sectors.

Some sample projects



Guinness Class was a UK based in pub activation across 1,500 pubs in the UK over 8 weekends. It was subsequently rolled out over two more iterations.  The work included the creation of an Android App for promotional staff to use, a complicated prize matrix, social strategy and content and the management of the roll out of the app and a help desk at during the activation periods. The success of this campaign led to two more executions being rolled out.

The Guinness Class experiential campaign won a number of awards in 2013: Best Brand Experience Event at the Event Awards, a Silver Award at the Field Marketing and Brand Experience Awards, a Bronze at the Eventia Awards and a Merit at The Best Awards.


CARlsberg ireland - join the greats

Join the Greats started as an internal competition for Carlsberg importers around Europe. The association between Carlsberg and Liverpool is well known and the prize was for 40 tickets to Liverpool's last home game of the 2013/14 season. Working with Carat, WHPR and Verve, we came up with a unique activation that took place in the city centre of Dublin and attracted great attention through our social and content strategy. 

Join the Greats won a Gold for Best Integrated Promotion at the 2015 APMC Star Awards as well as a Bronze in the Alcoholic Beverages and Beer category for Irish International. The campaign also won Best Corporate Event at the 2014 Eventex Awards for Verve. 


Fáilte Ireland - Bringing dublin alive

With declining numbers of visitors from the UK, Dublin was a city in danger of becoming irrelevant to the city breakers and holiday makers across Europe. Initially set up as a pilot programme we were tasked with finding a way to engage with young tech-savvy travellers and convince them that Dublin is indeed the place to be. The success of the programme led to the project being continued and used a roadmap for other regions.

Bringing Dublin Alive was a true content marketing project and was at times a complex and sprawling beast. Working as part of a great team in Huskies and with some incredibly talented contributors we created a programme that delivered a 40% increase in organic web traffic.