Is Instagram eating into social messaging usage?

Every quarter IPSOS MRBI publish the data on social media and messaging platforms in Ireland, and the most recent ones make for some interesting reading.


What I found particularly interesting is that you can see that there are reductions in account ownership across the board in the social messaging tracker. Even WhatsApp, which is now the biggest messaging platform in Ireland, lost a percentage point. 

On the social media side all the platforms saw a reduction in account ownership and platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn saw a reduction in daily usage. Where Twitter saw a reduction in account ownership it saw a significant volume increase in daily usage or 6%. But Instagram, well Instagram retained is level of usage as well as sustaining it's account ownership. 

And that is what's got me wondering. Has Instagram Stories and the mechanism by which you can reply to them etc shaved some points of the likes of Facebook Messenger? Has the introduction of Stories had a further reaching impact than just converting users from Snapchat to Instagram?

My own personal experience is that I've started using the chat feature in Instagram since Stories came along. Previous to that I never used it as a messaging platform. So if that's my personal experience, it surely has translated across other users too. Links that I might normally have shared by copying and pasting into Whatsapp I now just send over the DM function of Instagram and it's that kind of behaviour that might explain how they've managed to maintain their active user numbers and account ownership when all around them are down in at least one of the mechanisms of measurement.

Just a thought.

You can find the above infographics in their larger formats on these links.

Social Media Tracker 

Social Messaging Tracker


Ipsos MRBI are the source for all information above. You'll find more information on their website or via their Twitter feed