Some of the good ideas are already done.

That doesn't make them bad ideas though!


As I was walking in to work this morning I passed a building site and my immediate thought was that if I had time I could stop and capture a nice photo of the scene. All very industrious and full of endeavour and so on. 

And then I noticed the sounds. Machinery, men shouting, planks dropping, traffic and general environment noises and I thought that a still image with the noise overlaid would actually be a much better sensory experience. And then I thought of the difficultly involved in doing such a thing and I just kept walking. 


And so as I walked I thought about how that could work and be simple and not require you to have a computer and some basic understanding of editing sound on to images etc. The answer of course is an app. One that would allow you to take a picture and then record the sounds over it.

By the time I got to the Lincoln Gate at Trinity I had a fairly good idea of what the app would need to do and I was making a mental note of these things to write in my ideas notebook. 

I then noticed that there was a man cutting the grass on the cricket pitch just in front of the Pav and his course and my path would intersect at pretty much the right time so I got my phone ready, captured the photo and recorded 20s of audio. 

Proof of concept type thing. I got to my desk, fired up iMovie and in a couple of minutes I'd exported a short video clip which I then uploaded to Instagram as an experiment. The resulting video is below. 

This was my Eureka moment. I'd struck content creation gold. But of course I haven't. This has been done before and there are plenty of apps that do exactly what I thought was so novel an idea.

But that doesn't mean the idea isn't a good one. Of course it is. It's just someone else had it first. Well actually, lots of other people had the idea first. I guess I'll have to go back to the ideas book and find something new to put in it. 

One day I might even make some money out of it!


Hugh Curran1 Comment