Podcast: Canvassing on the Water Meters - Election 2016


In November 2015 I was asked by Davie Connellan to appear in his podcast which I cgladly did. Below is his original post and the pod. You can find Davie's site here 

With the prospect of General Election 2016 looming large on the Horizon, I spoke to Hugh Curran, Head of Digital at Atomic, on how the upcoming general election will be won.

We discussed the key issues facing politicians in the run up to the election and how , following in the footsteps of the UK elections this year, digital and social media marketing can play an influential role in targeting the correct people with an engaging message. In light of the success of the “Yes Vote” and how they communicated via social media there is an opportunity for someone to seize the market.

This is a good one.

Hugh Curran