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I'm a digital communications professional with over 15 years in the communications industry and I am now acting as a Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising Consultant. Having started in PR and moved into marketing, I've survived in-house, agency, redundancy, and the move to digital. Along the way I've worked on campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola, Renault, Fáilte Ireland, Guinness and Carlsberg and I'm incredibly lucky to have done so. I've written speeches for CEOs, created digital marketing strategy, managed social media communities, project managed content marketing strategies and built sites and apps for small, medium and large business.  I’m passionate about technology and how we, and our children's lives, have and will change as new devices and process come alive. And I'm always on the lookout for interesting projects. To find out more about my Digital Marketing Consulting, visit this page.

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Every week I send an email that has links to the things that I've found online that I think others will find interesting. The update covers everything from great videos to tech and social as well as a weekly covetable item. Something that I want and therefore think you'll probably want it too. To receive your copy just sign up via the form below.

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